BRA BRA SPECIALIZED provides a long distance route of km 159, a medium distance route of km 108 and a short distance route of Km. 67, which will take place with departure and arrival in Bra, fraz. Pollenzo, Sunday 28th April 2019. In case of adverse weather conditions of significant danger to the participants, the event could be postponed or canceled. In this case the registration will be considered valid for the next performance date. On Saturday, April 27th 2019 the 10th edition of BRABRABABY, mini gimkana for children aged 4 to 11 will take place.  

The applications for the registration of those who over the years have been subject to sanctions and / or suspensions and /or disqualifications for doping higher than six months are not accepted. Acceptance of registrations (which is on invitation) depends on the organizers who reserve the right to exercise them at their sole discretion. In case of refusal the fee will be totally refunded. The organization will refuse the registration of those who have been subject to  official disqualification for serious misconduct, or exclude a member in case it may damage the image of the organisation. The event is open to amateurs of both sexes, both Italians and foreigners aged from 16 to 75 with a  ACSI, FCI and Enti della Consulta card  in compliance  with the 2019 membership. By signing the registration form, each participant guarantees the behaviour during the event, assumes responsibility in case of accidents of which may be the cause and declares to have read and approved this regulation. Tourists are not allowed.

Notwithstanding the presence of roads, until the passage of the broom van, after the first 15 minutes of closure to traffic, each participant must respect the rules of the highway code and the rules of circulation, above all at traffic lights and STOP signs.  

The rankings will be: A) category (for the three routes) B) of companies (for kilometers pedaled within the maximum time)

The categories admitted to the final award ceremony are divided as follows:  MEN /WOMEN Junior aged 19-29 (1988 - 1998) Woman 1 years 19-39 (1978 - 1998) Senior 1 an CATEGORIES The categories admitted to the final award ceremony are divided as follows: Categories MEN Categories WOMEN Junior aged 19-29 (1988 - 1998) Woman 1 years 19-39 (1978 - 1998) Senior 1 aged  30-34 (1983 - 1987) Woman 2 years 40-75 (1942 - 1977) Senior 2 aged 35-39 (1978 - 1982) Veterans 1 aged 40-44 (1973 - 1977) Veterans 2 aged 45-49 (1968 - 1972) Gentleman 1 aged 50-54 (1963 - 1967) Gentleman 2 aged 55-59 (1958 - 1962) Supergentleman A aged 60-64 (1953 - 1957) Supergentleman B aged 65-75 (1942 - 1952) Only for Medium distance trials  

The check of  licenses (the individual card must be presented) and the delivery of the bib number will take place in Bra, in  Pollenzo, at the University on Saturday 27 April from 14.00 to 19.00 and Sunday 28 April from 7.00 to 9.00, always in the same place. Those who have no card  have  the opportunity to stipulate a daily card at the price of € 10.00, by presenting the sports medical certificate enabling the competitive activity.  

Sunday 28/04/2019 from 7.00, opening grills 8.30 am, official departure 09.30.  

RED: FROM 1 TO 200 - Winners ed. 2018 male and female long distance and medium distance paths, solidarity, VIP, sponsor, guests. BLUE: FROM 201 TO 450 - Piedmont Cup awards 2018, loyalty, the first 50 super patented and patented Coppa Piemonte 2018, first 20 long distance and medium distance course, first 5 short course, first three women long distance paths, Mediofondo and short ed. 2018, of merit. ORANGE: FROM 451 TO 1050 - Coppa Piemonte members and first 100 members of the BRA BRA SPECIALIZED YELLOW: FROM 1051 TO 1500 - Piedmont Cup members and 350 other members of the BRA BRA SPECIALIZED in chronological order. BIANCA: FROM 1501 TO 2500 - members of the BRA BRA SPECIALIZED in chronological order and users of pedal assisted bicycles  

Participants with power assisted bicycles must declare that they use  these bicycles upon registration, will be included in the WHITE grid regardless of the registration period; they  must have a regular amateur card. The holders of a cycle-tour card will be able to sign the daily amateur card by presenting a valid competitive medical certificate and signing the ethical declaration. The aforementioned participants will enjoy all the services of the event, but there are no final categories and prizes.  

It will be carried out by an Official Timer My-SDAM with technology based on the use of "chips". Each participant must have a valid personal chip or a daily rental chip. Information and conditions on the use of the chips are published on the My-SDAM website at Note: Failure or incorrect use of the chip will result in non-inclusion in the ranking and non-attribution of the time taken. The competitor who does not provide for the starting check will automatically be excluded from the ranking. Along the way, secret electronic controls will be prepared by the organization.      

My personal SDAM A-CHIP (round shape and green color) with one of the following qualifications: Cycling and MTB 2014. CHAMPIONCHIP YELLOW CHIP personal (round shape and yellow color) For those who do not have it, it is possible to hire the MYSDAM DAILY CHIP at the MYSDAM point on the spot.   REFRESHMENTS The following refreshments are planned along the routes: Long distance course: 1 ° Ristoro Bossolasco, 2 ° Ristoro Camo, 3 ° Ristoro Montaldo Roero, 4 ° Refreshment at the finish. Mediofondo Route: 1 ° Ristoro Bossolasco, 2nd Ristoro La Morra 2nd passage, 3rd Ristoro all 'Arrival Short route: 1 ° Ristoro Vergne, 2 ° refreshment at the arrival.

Health assistance includes 5 ambulances located on the route with doctors and specialized personnel. In addition, First Aid boxes will be available at the refreshment points.

TWO SHIMANO wheel change cars will follow the head of the race, THREE wheel change motorcycles, TWO wheel change cars and mechanical assistance in the group center, as well as supply points with first-aid technical material made available by the organization.

Cars and motorcycles will not be admitted if not authorized, they must be equipped with a special mark distributed by the Organizing Committee and must strictly follow the instructions given by the Race Director.

There will be a "broom" van  for each route. If a competitor withdraws without using the broom service, he / she must automatically remove the race number. The organization is not responsible for the return of the competitor to the meeting place after withdrawal.

7 hours for the long distance route, 6.00 hours for the medium distance and the short distance route.  

For organizational reasons, from 12.30 am the competitors who will pass the junction for the splitting of the LONG DISTANCE / MEDIUM DISTANCE path (Km. 56.00) located in PEDAGGERA will be strictly diverted on the medium distance route. The organization will not be responsible for those who, despite the ban, will continue on the long route, they will considered out of the competition and they will be overcome by the broom van.  

By signing the registration form, the competitor expressly authorizes the organizers to use free images and / or moving images, which retract him during his participation in the long distance International BRA BRA SPECIALIZED. The organizers may allow their institutional and commercial partners to use the image provided for in this agreement. The present authorization to use one's own image must be understood as given for an indefinite period, in compliance with the laws, regulations and regulations.