The Bra-Bra is incredibly unquestionably unique and unrepeatable experience.

At your disposal all the information to participate and better manage your adventure as a cyclist, as a fan or as a passionate tourist.

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Registration opens on 1st October 2023

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Two paths to meet your needs and ensure the right competitiveness and the right fun


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BraBra offers two alternative routes to suit your needs and preferences. To find out more details on the routes

Bra-Bra Medio Fondo
94.00 km
Max Ele.: 731 m — Min Ele.: 192 m - Disl.:1689
Bra-Bra GranFondo
Max Ele.: 731 m — Min Ele.: 152 m - Disl.:2250

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The BraBra Langhe Monferrato and Roero is sponsored by:

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The BraBra Langhe Monferrato e Roero is sponsored by:


Two routes for a unique cycling experience on the dirt roads of our territory and its food and wine

SATURDAY 04/27/2024

Our Friends

The greatest past and today cyclists confirmed their presence and ride with us, living together with us the emotions of our race

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