Dear Bkers,

successfully archived the 2022 edition with over 1,800 participating athletes, being cofounder and integral part for the first time of the new SPECIALIZED GRANFONDO SERIES circuit (www.granfondoseries.it), we are ready to look forward to the next edition scheduled for April 30, 2023, the 30th edition, a historic milestone for FENIX BRA BRA SPECIALIZED, full of many confirmations and some news[MC1] 



Confirmed the new great cycling circuit SPECIALIZED GRANFONDO SERIES of which we will be the opening test: after many years of success in the Piedmont Cup we have chosen to live a new adventure convinced that it can make us make yet another leap in quality in terms of prestige. And in fact in 2022 the BRA BRA FENIX was an alternative proof  of the PRESTIGE of Cycle Tourism, a great result that has repaid us for the work and choices made so far !!


The new two routes Mediofondo and Granfondo, with the cancellation of the short route, have been redesigned: the Mediofondo which will now measure 94.00 km with 1680 meters altitude gain, while the Gran Fondo will measure 149 km with 2200 meters altitude gain. The new spectacular sections experienced last year remain unchanged, including the "Mur d'la Mura" an unprecedented short but steep climb that the participants in the Mediofondo will face, a place that we will make "epic" with the passage in front of the Barolo chapel.


The ancient neo-Gothic Carlo Albertina building, commissioned by King Carlo Alberto, seat of the University of Gastronomic Sciences and of the Pollenzo Agency, remains the headquarters and fixed location of BRA BRA FENIX, thanks to the memorandum of understanding signed between the FENIS BRA BRA SPECIALIZED organizers and the top management of the University. It’s such an historical and magic location, that allows us to delcare that few Granfondos in Italy can grant such beauty to  the cyclists.


The race pack that will contain the celebratory shirt of the 30th anniversary, will be enriched with additional typical food products from our territory. For sure you will like it.


The BRA BRA FENIX prize money is as usual rich for both cyclists and teams, including some branded SPECIALIZED items, as well as a splendid souvenir medal for all finishers.


It is also confirmed this year the BRA BRA GRAVEL EXPERIENCE, a non-competitive ride dedicated to the Gravel world among the vineyards and dirt roads of our Langhe.


Last but not least, to properly celebrate the 30th anniversary of FENIX BRA BRA SPACIALIZED, the City of Bra will be the starting point on 18 May 2023 for a stage of the next Giro d ‘Italia, a major international event that pays homage to our bike event and to our land. We are extremely proud of it.


I want to thank all the collaborators and volunteers of the last edition, without whom the event would not be possible, giving you the appointment at the starting line on 29 and 30 April 2023 for new, great, beautiful days of sport and emotions.

I wait for you all.

The President of the Organizing Committee

Sandro Stevan